Health and Safety Policy

The Watering Hole is committed to ensuring that during any event we organize or any service we conduct that anyone, whether they are taking part or leading out, can expect to do so in a safe environment.

To this end we will follow the following health and safety procedures:

  • We will comply with the regulations of any building that we use
  • There will be a designated person responsible for making sure the policy is adhered to.
  • Although we seek to be inclusive volunteers will have the right  to work in an environment free from verbal or physical abuse. If this occurs appropriate measures will be taken in consultation with all parties involved.
  • Technical and electrical equipment used will be maintained to a high standard and used in a responsible manner by appropriate people.
  • Ensure that all equipment is suitable for its intended use.
  • Any outdoor activity will have a risk assessment carried out.
  • Each event will have a clear chain of command.
  • Any activity involving children will have a register of children present that will be used in the event of the need to evacuate the building.
  • All volunteers working with children will have the necessary CRB checks.
  • At child events volunteers will have clearly designated areas of responsibility.
  • No adult will be on his or her own with a child at any time.
  • Volunteer workers in activities involving children will be provided with the document “safe and secure” issued by the Metropolitan police in association with the churches child protection advisory service.
  • We will follow the Seventh-day Adventist “keeping the church family safe” policy.
  • We will have the necessary insurances.
  • A first aid logbook will provide a written record of any accident during an activity organized by The Watering Hole.
  • Provide appropriate protective clothing [if required].
  • We will comply with any Government regulations and recommendations for the voluntary sector.
  • Volunteer helpers will be made aware of potential risks and hazards.
  • Ensure safe and clear access to and from the building, including fire exits.
  • Ensure that all volunteers know of and intend to abide by the health and safety policy.