Advent Calendar – December 5

The novelist Taylor Caldwell once said, “This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.”

Why is it then that for so many people Christmas is the loneliest time of the year? And, what did Taylor Caldwell mean?

God’s ideal is that there be no loneliness. He places “togetherness” so high on His agenda that even one of the His names, Emmanuel, means “God with us”. That is the message referred to by Taylor Caldwell; that God is with us always because of Christmas.

I believe we were created as social beings; that we were never meant to be alone. If you are struggling with loneliness this Christmas why not volunteer to help at a homeless shelter, visit someone else who is alone at Christmas or offer help to some other organisation. I did this several Christmases ago and can honestly say that I had one of the best Christmas’s since the children were little. On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to have family and friends around you then consider what you can do for someone else this Christmas.

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