Earn-a-burger with TOTRAK in a garden

National Gardening Week is just round the corner; spring has arrived; it is time for the annual TOTRAK Earn-A-Burger day out in the gardens.

The idea is this: come out to help in some gardens we have selected. Help weed, plant, paint, and clear away garden rubbish for a couple of hours. Then return for that BBQ and burger you have earned and some chill time together

When: 3pm-5:30pm, Saturday, April 11th.
Where: Meet at the Calmore Community Centre 

Bring garden gloves and tools if you have any. We’ll split up to have fun in different gardens and meet back at 5:00pm for our Garden BBQ at the Centre.

For more information or to recommend a garden needing some Tender Loving Care call 07730 682337 or contact Linda. For more information on RAK visit this page

Volunteer with some gardening and Earn-A-Burger

Volunteer with some gardening and Earn-A-Burger

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