The Watering Hole Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Today, Easter Sunday, is when The Watering Hole organises the Calmore Community Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Unfortunately Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we all have to stay home and stay safe. All events like this have had to be cancelled.

We decided that all was not lost. As we are adapting and using technology to have meetings, continue children’s education and order our shopping online why not have a virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

Take a few minutes together as a family and go Easter Egg Hunting below.

Each Easter themed picture with an egg like the one to the right hides a letter. Hover your cursor over the picture and it will flip to reveal one letter. Collect all the letters and they will spell out an Easter message that tells you what Easter is really about. Write your answer and contact details on the form at the foot of the page and press submit.

All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw after the competition closes to win one of three Amazon vouchers. For an extra entry answer the question that follows the Egg Hunt pictures

This is the egg you are looking for

It may be smaller and it may be a different colour but the eggs are all the same shape. How many can you find

The Rules

Competition closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Only one entry per family.

All names who get the hidden message will be entered into the prize draw. In addition those who correctly answer the bonus question will get an additional entry into the prize draw.

Entry is limited to UK residents only.

Happy Hunting

Sorry, Nothing Here

Try another picture


Try another picture


Try another picture


Try another picture for more letters


Keep looking behind the other pictures

Bonus Question

In the blog by Pastor Rosemary Lethbridge (minister of The Watering Hole Church) what is the name of the man who wrote some comforting words?

What next?

Have you found all the letters? Have you worked out the important message that tells us what Easter is really about? Now all you have to do is fill out the form below and submit your entry. Have a Happy Easter.

Information collected using this form will not be stored in any form beyond the prize draw and will only be used to contact prizewinners. Click here to view our privacy policy