God’s 0800 number

We need to talk

Now more than ever before as we are unable to meet up for coffee and a chat, organise and attend parties or other social gatherings we need to talk… or these four walls will close in around us.

A long time ago in the perfect world that God created, human beings had the opportunity to walk, talk, work alongside of, and have the kind of relationship with God that we enjoy with our close friends. However the situation changed when the first human beings decided to trust someone else more than they trusted God. When that happened the good and perfect relationship and communication between God and humans was broken. God still desperately wanted to have a relationship with us and you cannot have a relationship without communication.

So God invented His 0800 number – a communication system called prayer. 

What is prayer?

Prayer is communicating with God as your most trusted friend – without fear or reservations. Prayer is God’s 0800 number invented so that YOU can talk to Him at any time without cost or technology. 

This enforced Covid-19 isolation is the ideal time to try it out. When was the last time you opened up to God in quiet conversation and received spiritual healing, forgiveness, direction or a hug of reassurance? Maybe you believe that because of a past or current lifestyle that prayer would be a futile exercise.

Or maybe you have started praying more but nothing seems to have changed and you are starting to wonder whether there is anyone up there who really wants to listen after all.

Perhaps you already have a viable prayer life but want it to improve.

What does God say about His 0800 number?

"This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it-- the LORD is his name: 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'"

The Bible - Jeremiah 33:2-3 [New International Version] Tweet

Wow, the great God of the universe wants to talk with us and wants us to talk to Him. Prayer is all about improving our relationship with God.

Time to build a relationship

One of the essential elements in establishing a lasting meaningful relationship is time. Time to get acquainted. Time to develop trust and confidence in each other. Time to fall in love It is no different when developing a relationship with God. When we view prayer, as an opportunity in time to develop our relationship with God it becomes an exciting time together that we do not want to miss.

Jesus, while on this earth, was probably the best example we have on how a human being can grasp the mighty power of God through prayer. Jesus was often found praying. At busy times in His life – He felt the need to pray.

When facing crises He prayed. When needing wisdom He prayed.

He found comfort, joy and strength in His communication time with God the Father.

My personal experience

God and I used to be rather casually acquainted with each other. We didn’t get together and talk that much. Now however, we talk a lot. I feel that I have got to know God better since I really started using His 0800 number more often.

The greatest fulfilment in my prayer life has been the opportunity to develop our relationship, getting to know God better.

I can heartily recommend it. If you feel inclined you to learn more about prayer then you are about to begin an exciting adventure. As you grow in prayer, God will reveal more about Himself to you. Your trust, confidence, peace, sense of relief will grow. You will no longer feel that you are tackling problems in your life alone. You will come to know with a certainty that God is your friend, that He interested in you, That He will be with you forever until the time comes when you will not need His 0800 anymore because you are talking to Him face-to-face.

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