Light Up 2020

Happy New Year from all of us at The Watering Hole

I recently got the chance to travel to Blenheim Place in Oxfordshire to join hundreds of other people as they switched on their Christmas lights. watch this video to see what I saw on my amazing night out.

Lights brighten our lives and at this time of year, the sale of candles dramatically increases as people want to inject a bit of light and colour into dark days. In the Bible there is a passage that tries to describe what this world is like- one of the phrases is that this world can be a very dark place. Many of us have struggled with our own dark places, have witnessed family and friends go through it or maybe you even work with people suffering with it in some way.

That same passage then goes on to describe Jesus as One who wants to bring light and hope into our lives.

God, full of love for the human race, chose to send His Son Jesus to be born as a baby on earth. Rather than staying remote from people, He came to be with us and share our lives. He brought light into peoples lives as He spent time with them, listened to their problems and in many cases was a real help to them. In The Watering Hole, we try to offer many and varied ways of experiencing God’s love and if this is something you wish to explore this coming year then I would be delighted to facilitate that.

My prayer for you in 2020 is that God will help you through your dark times. If you are not troubled by it then why not commit yourself to come alongside someone going through dark times? May we all experience some light, love and support in the coming year.

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