Pastoral Services

Ministerial Services

As well as offering church services and Bible study groups the following ministerial services are available within The Watering Hole.

Infant Dedication

A special service based on various Bible accounts of parents bringing their children to be blessed i.e Jesus parents bringing Him to the Temple for a blessing, mothers bringing children to Jesus etc.  The dedication service emphasises the parents thanks to God for the miracle of their child’s birth, the joy of that addition and is an opportunity for the parents along with their family and friends to express their willingness to help the child to get to know God.

There is no set format for this service. The family can include favourite songs, prayers and scripture passages as well as allowing their creativity full reign as they devise opportunities to help guests participate in the service and then take away as momentoes. The service, generally 30 minutes long, is usually followed with a party.


The Watering Hole, along with many other churches, follows the practise of full immersion baptism.  Once again this follows Jesus example in the Bible when he asked for baptism in the river Jordan. It is in obedience to Jesus instruction to HIs followers to baptise people as they come to recognise and accept all that He has done for them.

Baptism is an individual’s choice therefore infant baptism is not practised. It is after careful thought and study, a public declaration of faith in Jesus.

During the church service the individual will be led into a body of water and fully immersed for a few seconds. The venue is very much a matter of personal choice. Some people like using a natural setting such as a river, lake or the sea while others prefer to use a church building and a purpose built baptismal pool. Those with disabilities can be assisted into the pool.

Once again in The Watering Hole there is no set format for this service and individuals are encouraged to include favourite spiritual items to personalise the event. More than  one individual can participate in this service at one time.

Baptism follows a short time of study with a mature Christian or the Pastor so that the individual knows what they are committing to.

Funeral Services

Death is not something many of us want to think about but often have to cope with. If you need a minister to conduct a funeral  service then we might be able to help. Assistance can be provided in several different ways.

1. Officiating at funeral services.

2. Guidance and practical help in planning the service. This can take a traditional format or be a customised service to take into account the beliefs and interests of the deceased and their family.

3. Pastoral support for the bereaved.


Unfortunately The Watering Hole does not have its own building. However we can often come to some arrangement with another church. In discussion with myself the service you decide what to include, I’ll just guide you through the process and if asked can give you suggestions. I do not charge for my services.

As regards the legalities of involving a minster in your wedding, this is what I believe to be the case.

If the building is an approved premises, for example a hotel, venue or Registration Office, I would be unable to take a religious ceremony, the licence is given for Civil marriages or Civil Partnerships only.

However if a marriage takes place in approved premises, once the Registrars have left the building, after taking and registering the marriage legally, then  I can give the couple a blessing.

If I can help in any other way towards making your wedding a day to remember then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Couples Counselling

We offer three different types of counselling.

1. Premarital counselling

Involves an online questionnaire (PREPARE/ENRICH) followed by a series of discussions aimed at helping the couple discuss various issues such as finance, coping with the in laws, bringing up kids. Those who have  taken advantage of this service says that it gives them opportunities to talk through things that might not have otherwise been covered. It also provides tools to help deal with the inevitable conflicts and problems that are a part of married life.

Most of the services offered are free but this one costs £20 per couple to cover the costs of the online registration fee.

2. Group Workshops

A fun and relaxing way to enrich your marriage. There are usually 3-6 sessions. Each one starts with a meal followed by  DVD presentations. Time is then allocated for couples to reflect. Groups will be run with as few as three couples and will start as soon as possible once we have a waiting list.  There is a small fee whenever the course includes a meal.

3. Private Counselling

A quiet confidential coaching time with the minister. This might be informal chats or working through published material in the privacy of your own home.To access this service simply send an email or phone.

House Blessings

Moving can be extremely stressful as those who have had to move can testify. Some households wish to have a house blessing which is an opportunity to state their intention that having moved in they want the house to be a place of nurture, love and friendship. Prayers are generally said in each room and the blessing typically finishes with a house warming party.