This is the page you will find links to the galleries of photographs to many of the Watering Hole activities. It will be constantly changing as it is updated so keep coming back to check what’s new. You could bookmark the page to make it quicker to find.

Kayaking this August was all about having fun and learning how to get out of a capsized kayak. In addition we learnt how to rescue a fellow kayaker. We also took a short (7km) trip

April 23rd 2016: Messy Church was on the theme of diversity. There were lots of illustrations, crafts and games as well as a performance by the puppet team

Messy Church @ Easter was a fun-filled, interactive time for families. There was an egg hunt, plenty of crafts, a story and a performance by the REACH Junior puppet team

The children at JC4Kidz have been working on musicmaker award. They have their own boomwhacker orchestra and can play a couple of tunes on them together. It's not all music though as there are plenty of games and interactive fun.

Shake, rattle and roll. The children at JC4Kidz are starting on their music theme and made rattles and shakers before learning the rudiments of rhythm.

The CSI (Calmore Science Investigators) headed for Testwood Lakes to learn about the science behind trees.

As part of this term's JC4Kidz the children are building a bird feeder. This week they painted the wood in bright colours. This was followed by a science experiment and quiz.

Two RAK Totton teams headed out; one to do some gardening at a care home and another to clear rubbish dumped in the grounds of Calmore Junior School. We celebrated completing the tasks with a ice-cream.

May 8th: All the children left JC4Kidz all bandaged up. This was First Aid Week when the children learned the basics and how to clean a wound and bandage it.

During the summer term the children at JC4Kidz are learning some carpentry skills. We had a carpenter come and show how to use the tools before each of the children had a chance to have a go.

JC4Kidz started back after the Easter holidays with a fun session which included the trampoline, smashing eggs, some arts and crafts and a 3D string maze. Here are the photos of all the fun

Awards Day was all about completing the work for badges and then being presented with the awards for Artist, Keep Fit and Helping Hand. The parents also enjoyed a flag display too

The Watering Hole organised an eggstravaganza on April 5th. The Calmore Community Egg Hunt is in it's 7th year. An egg hunt, crafts and an Easter Bonnet Parade kept families busy. Tokens and clues were gathered to exchange for hundreds of eggs. Here are some photographs of the day

On March 28th it all got a bit Messy. Messy Easter was a fun-filled service for families with lots of stories, a puppet show, plenty of crafts and songs. It was all about the real reason why we celebrate Easter - Jesus

On the theme of 'Serving Hands' the children at JC4Kidz baked and decorated cakes, entertained and then served their mothers a special tea. Here are some pictures of the event

And now for something a little different. This week the children used their hands to operate puppets to entertain for a very special occasion. There were still crafts to finish and the weekly challenge. These photographs show all the activities the children too part in.

The Random Acts of Kindness club based in Totton hit the charity shops on Saturday 6th March 2015. They were not there to buy but to give a bouquet of flowers and a thank you card for all the volunteer hours they put in for the charities they represent. Here are some of the photographs of the event

Card Club meets every first and third Monday of the month in the Calmore Community Centre. You get the chance to learn new techniques as well as relax with a group of like minded friends. Here are a selection of photographs of our recent activities.

The Totton Random Acts of Kindness Club took cream teas, plenty of cakes, little gifts and lots of smiles to the Tendring Care Home on Valentine's Day. Here are some photographs of the event and the entertainment provided by the REACH puppet team

JC4Kidz on February 6th was packed with interesting things to do. The fitness award involved sprinting 50m and in the Artist Award time was spent completing the papier mache begun the week before. For Caring Hands Awards the children made themselves useful by helping tidy the pencil box sharpening those pencils that needed it. Finally there was an activity that involved weighing.

This gallery shows story time and a slightly messy papier mâché art project at JC4Kidz held in Calmore Junior School each Friday evening during term time. It is a fun and exciting club aimed at encouraging children in YR3-YR6 in Totton to develop important values and skills.

All this term the theme for JC4Kidz has been hands. So for Valentines weekend it was all about Loving Hands. Each of the children were challenged to describe what LOVE is - it's not all about the romantic love we celebrate on St Valentine's day. Things got really messy as we made a heart of hands to use as a backdrop to short video messages of love. Of course this meant hands covered in paint in various shades of pink or red.

JC4kidz is a fun and exciting club held on a Friday aimed at encouraging children in YR3-YR6 in Totton to develop important values and skills. In this gallery the children can be seen working on their Fitness Award and their Artist Award.

Church in the Forest 22nd August 2014 was when the ponies decided to join in

Sunday 17th August The Watering Hole went kayaking. We learnt the important skills necessary for staying safe on the water. This included capsizing and exiting the kayak; several methods of rescue and re-entering the kayak. We had a lot of fun, got very wet and thanks to Rob's excellent teaching we learned a lot of useful skills. Meanwhile those on the shore enjoyed the sometimes hilarious entertainment provided by the kayakers.