Seeing Red

Anyone with an eye open to what is happening around them cannot fail to have seen red.

I mean the sea of red issuing out of the Tower of London. This amazing and poignant sculpture really highlights the appalling loss of life during times of war. All around the world we have been remembering the bravery, courage and ultimate sacrifice made by millions in order that our world would be a safer, better place to be.

Jesus too, paid the ultimate sacrifice in order that peace would come to our world. As a Christian every time I take part in the communion service I also see red. I am reminded of Jesus words about remembrance when He said these words, “as often as you drink this cup you show the Lord’s death till He comes.” It is so easy to forget and so important to remember.

I look forward to the day that Jesus has promised WILL come when there will be no more death, tears, pain or war.

Until that day arrives we will remember.

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