The best Christmas gift ever

This week’s blog is from Fillipe Lessa, one of our volunteers from Brazil.

Christmas is a wonderful and magical time. For many, it is one of the best and most anticipated time in the whole year. Many families and friends get together to have a nice meal and to celebrate it. Christmas also is a time of the year when people receive and give many presents. Millions and millions of pounds are spent every year on Christmas presents. According to the Metro News website, the average Brit is set to spend £434.45 on Christmas gifts this year.

Christmas is when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Although it is not likely that Jesus was born on December 25th, we celebrate His birth at this time of year. It has been celebrated this way since approximately 300 years after the event.

Christmas is about giving.

It is common to give presents to those who are celebrating their birthday. So, considering that and also that Christmas is when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, don’t you think He should also be getting a present at this time of the year?

What kind of present could we give to Him? Sometimes it is difficult to give presents to people, as we don’t know what kind of likes and dislikes they have. We don’t know if the gift will be suitable; if they will like it; and if we can afford it. However, it is very easy to know what Jesus wants. He has already told us what He wants.

The Bible tells us that in Proverbs 23:26, that says, “My son, give me your heart”. In science, the heart is an organ, but in the Bible, it represents, symbolically, the source of our thoughts, feelings, will and affections. That is the best present we could ever give to Him. What is going to be your answer to that request from Someone who loves you so much that He gave his own life to save you and me?


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