TOTRAK Volunteer Task Force

TOTRAK have been involved in litter picking among other things

The Totton Random Act of Kindness (TOTRAK) task force was at work clearing and recreating a private garden for children to play and plant flowers in. Despite the rain which, providentially, eased off for a few hours a small group of volunteers cleared the garden, extended the patio and created new borders. Even the very young were involved.

Matheus, TOTRAK coordinator

Matheus Lessa, gap year student from Brazil is the new coordinator for TOTRAK and would like to hear from anyone who has few hours to spare and would like to volunteer. It can be regular hours or just a few hours on a one-off basis. You can contact him via the TOTRAK email or leave a message on the TOTRAK Facebook page.

In the past TOTRAK has been involved in gardening, litter picking and providing umbrellas and a helping hand to shoppers in the pouring rain. In partnership with C.A.F.E. (The Watering Hole Creative Arts team), TOTRAK has visited care homes too.

However, it is not all about organised events but it is about the small personal random acts of kindness that bring a smile to people’s faces. TOTRAK is keen to make people aware what they can do to spread a little kindness.

If you know of anyone who needs a helping hand or if you have ideas for Random Acts of Kindness then we would really like to hear from you. Email or leave a message on the TOTRAK Facebook Page.

TOTRAK is supported by The Watering Hole

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