New Year Message for 2019

Clearing out the Clutter

It is a well known psychological fact that stuff, baggage, hardships make it difficult to move on. Did you know that in the 40 years we have been married Gordon and I have moved house 15 times between England, Scotland and Wales? Each time we moved we found boxes of stuff to take to the charity shops and the dump. We seem to hold on to stuff that we might use one day but which made moving on all the harder.

The same thing happens in our minds.

If we were to sit and think about things I am sure that we would all discover in the dusty attics and dark recesses of our minds things which we have forgotten exist but that need to be dealt with in order to move on. Or maybe it hasn’t even got as far as the back of our minds – maybe every day we hold grudges and wallow in re-enacting imagined and real grievances.

Reflect for a moment… What stuff is weighing you down? What clutter is hindering you moving on? Moving on can be scary but it is also an exciting part of life.

David messed up big time… AND I MEAN big time. It all started so innocently too…

The king had been looking out of a palace window when he happened to see a lady bathing and she was drop dead gorgeous. Now, it could have stopped there but it didn’t. One thing led to another and he gets her pregnant while her husband is off fighting battles for king and country. How low is that?

Instead of confessing David plots to hide things. To cut a long story short he arranges to get the husband killed in battle, takes the lady as his wife and sets out to bring up the baby.

To anybody looking in the King is a hero. He has taken in a defenceless war widow and brought up her son as his own. 

David’s list of wrongdoings is exposed.

Now David has two choices…

He can put the blame on someone else, OR

He can admit his wrongdoing and start putting things right.

He chooses the latter option and his life changes for the better.

If you want to God to help you move on in 2019 what clutter needs to be dealt with? Where do you need to resolve to seek help?

Why not join with me in clearing out the clutter and making 2019 a really happy new year.

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