Something’s cooking at JC4Kidz

On Friday 29th March the children at JC4Kidz were busy in the kitchen. One of the awards they had been working on was cooking and as part of that, they had to prepare and serve a meal to their family. Invitations were sent out and family members arrived.

During the previous months, the children had learned how to cook main courses, vegetables, salads and soup. They also learned about healthy cooking and made their own recipe books.

The climax of the award was a meal served to their families. Here are some photographs of the preparations for the meal.

Chopping tomatoes for the salad

Too many cooks did not spoil the broth (or salad)

Preparing the glaze for the carrots

Future Masterchef?Chopping carrots

Preparing carrots for cooking three ways

Tossing the salad

Chopping radishes

One of the many young cooks


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